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I'm a four-decade-plus old white-haired minister to and personal mentor for young people, especially Missionary Kids (MKs)...helping them build Christ-like character, first and foremost, through a more consistent friendship with Jesus. I do that by taking them out for coffeetime or mealtime conversations...which brings joy in ministry but unhappiness in gaining weight. Life is a mix...


Someone told me I should do this.  I’m reluctant.  There are, at last count (at 7:34pm on October 7 2014), 456,203,915.36 blogs clogging up cyberspace…why should anyone read mine?

I might not ever post anything here that hasn’t already been sent out to my e-lists…but maybe someone not on my lists might pick up an idea or two.  Some posts will be in the “Out of my mind…” category; some will be my Mentoring Reflections.  Feel free to ignore them all.  Remember to brush your teeth at least once a day.  Drive safely (no texting!).  Eat In-n-Out cheeseburgers protein-style.  Be discerning in your coffee choices; Starbucks House Blend is NOT a discerning choice.  Follow Christ, and enjoy his great grace.  And find someone to mentor!

Oh:  I’m told this is a “sticky” post…why it is not yellow and square and slightly off-kilter, I’m not sure.  At any rate, it’s supposed to be the first thing you read no matter what.  We’ll see.  All other blog posts are supposed to be below this one.  I guess that makes it “King”.

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